Lin Xiao Nuo see Tang Yu really want to go, immediately squat up Jiao indignant matchless say. If the Chinese Empire does withdraw its troops from Myanmar, then all the previous investment will b However, the stone tablet is his only harvest in this cave. For him, even in the demon Kingdom, who was a high power, it was just a naked slap in the face. How "Is it really Lin Dong? Even if he is against the supreme sect in the world of Wanbao, he will suffe One day, Zhao Feng, walking in the Archaean forest, enslaved a flying spirit again. Tan Donglin doesn't quarrel with Ningyuan either. Talking to this boy can make people angry. He He didn't expect that Jiangshan could still have such tricks. He had never seen such tricks. As We need these military magic machines from the losing fleet. " The dragon's pulse is surging, and earth shaking changes have taken place in itself. "I'll tell you why they died in my hands!" He is a little angry and helpless now. Although he is a soldier, he is only a small sergeant. Those After hearing this, the people around her immediately shut their mouths and did not dare to speak an Seeing Xiao Ping finally agreed, song Tianming was very happy. It's no different from being treated as an uncle. At least, after the completion of a hundred immortals, he has a strong nature, and after the complet That kind of power is absolutely not what he can resist now. As for the former strength, it is only temporary.

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