At this time, there was such a charming voice. It was no one else. Tang Yu heard that it was Chen Xi Archer's full score evaluation vote and praise~ Among these released practitioners, there is, of course, Mrs. Lin Yu's father, Shi Yinyi. The elder, Shen weigen, is staring at Yuanya. Xiao Guan frowned and disappeared in the same place at a very fast speed. All the bullets were empty However, the morning will soon be over, but there is still no trace of the transport fleet, which is At the end of the day, it covers the entire tumbler. "Gu, I have made up my mind. I will not leave you unless you let me die!" At the moment, Su Yimo, the master of iron and steel, reminds him that there is a big difference bet What's more, Zhang Ming is not dead. He's just abandoned by himself. However, from my personal feelings, I sympathize with you, and I really don't want to fight this "I like your ferocity, but I'm afraid you can't afford the price I like!" "Qin lie, this secret door will be open for you for three days." This set of mini bombs is also exclusive items of authority, which requires civil rights even up to Recently, ye Chen felt that he was about to break through. As long as he refined the aura of some pe "As long as the attack on Fuzhou airport is finished, I don't think China will have enough plane However, the demon master was not honest at this time. Although he was captured alive by Lingyun, he Brave and skillful commanders can often use fierce and sincere words to inspire the courage of their

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