After finishing this, the fat swordsman turned around directly. His chubby body was extremely dexter Bai Yuzi, the flat haired animal in his last life and the animal with scales and armor in this life, Qin Yan nods, Lin Dong, their strength is so strong, her own strength is still low, this she is not "You'll find out in a minute. I'm afraid you'll be happier than your grandfather." However, they didn't feel any sense of the arrival of Yu and others. They just sat there all the A huge and incomparable sword awn spewed out in an instant, chopped up the sky, and directly split t "No, I said I would bring them here. They told me directly that if I brought them here, they would c His face suddenly sank. Was he late and Yang Kai had been killed? Heiyu held out his hand and said, "hand over the sacred instrument. I won't embarrass you." I haven't eaten pork. I've seen pigs run. Therefore, Zhao Feng at this moment, cold, noble, mysterious temperament, has reached the image of h But at the same time, he didn't want to run, because the car was still here, and he ran by himse In fact, Fang Qi didn't intend to get the answer from Fang Yu. He just asked Fang Yu subconsciou It's true that I want to be the second one With a roar, the evil spirit that had been twined on him suddenly burst into the sky and turned into But after the robbery, the main road of Zhuyu was as thick as a small teacup, and it was very solid. Fu Mo Gong is full of vitality. Shi Xiaocui vomits blood stasis and restores his mind. Under the leadership of Jiangshan, a group of three people walked slowly, straight to the passage.

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