He had no idea who had arranged the array projection for him? Many evil emperors Qiqi looked at Senluo and said, "what does the existence say?" Sitting on the ground, he sat cross legged and vomited for a long time. The girl looked at Murong Yu, who helped her up. Her voice was as good as oriole, but it was weak, w The golden light twinkled figure slightly, and then slowly turned around to look at the three who wa "There seems to be some soul power hidden in this light." As if he had been able to continue to refine alchemy, and he had a premonition that the speed would Cheng Xu, however, seemed to have come back to his senses. He quickly stopped Yu Ru and said to Zhou "Hum, what kind of person am I? You can't be more clear in your own mind!" Xie Mudong was also a bit confused, and said: "Gong... Childe, it's too cold here. Let's go If it wasn't for Chengzhi's intercession, if it wasn't for the ambiguous point of the el "No, the world doesn't have to be broken." Every time he was seriously injured in the children's hall, lying in his own small building lick What makes Shi Xiaobao feel strange is that, in addition to fear, there is a trace of fanaticism and Xu Feng chuckled and said in his heart that the old man was very angry. Who provoked him? How did he "I'll come back to earth right away. I'll give you reimbursement later. I have a very import Can't wait to see Tang "Chun" open his hand to take away the blood key. "Unlike you, I can only survive by begging others, so I don't know what kind of expression to sh

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